The Fault Line Blues Band plays a broad range of the Blues and R&B. Originally formed as Tablues in early 2013, the band has played clubs, events, fairs, breweries, marathons, and anywhere else the Blues is welcome.

We are four experienced, local performers who bring a unique and personal approach to the music.

Ed Gootman --- Harmonica and vocals

Originally from New York, Ed moved west in the early 70s. His passion for the Blues started early, attending concerts and collecting music. He picked up the harmonica around 2009, studying with Dave Barrett at the School of the Blues in San Jose. He’s inspired by his favorite harmonica players – Rod Piazza, Kim Wilson, and Rick Estrin, and John Sebastian. Now retired, Ed enjoys jamming and playing with The Fault Line Blues Band!

Dan Gorrell --- Guitar and vocals

Dan is a native of southwest Ohio who lived in Louisville, Kentucky and Fresno before coming to the Bay Area in 2010. He started playing guitar as a teenager in numerous bands in Cincinnati and Louisville. After a long hiatus from performing he returned to stage work in 2008 and became a fixture in the Fresno blues scene, playing with some of that area’s most talented musicians. His early influences include Motown and many of the British blues guitarists. He has gradually gravitated toward the more blues-based southern rock bands and Mike Bloomfield's various adventures. He currently lives in Hayward and is convinced he was always a Californian — he just didn't realize it.

Steve "Slim" Schaefer --- Bass and vocals

Born in Buffalo, New York, Steve grew up with classical music around — his mother played the cello. After years of the clarinet in the school band, he switched to the guitar in high school, inspired by the Beatles, Motown, the San Francisco sound, and AM Top 40 radio. He always wanted to play bass, and he finally got one in 2003. He plays electric bass guitar and upright. He’s the principal bassist in his community orchestra and plays in chamber music workshops. Steve co-founded Red Paint, a rock band, and played with them for six years. Steve proudly displays a tattoo of his Fender electric and upright basses on his left arm.

Rich Silveira --- Drums and vocals

Rich, a Bay Area Native, grew up in Concord, California, where he spent his youth playing drums in forgettable garage bands. After a long hiatus for college, career, and raising a family, Rich got back behind a kit as a church drummer in Alameda. He toured NorCal briefly with the VIPs, a contemporary Christian band. More recently, he played Blues/Rock with FOG at Newark Days and Fremont Art and Wine festivals, as well as Country/Folk covers with Retreaux (out of Martinez), with several appearances at Jack London Square and Treasure Island. For the last 2 years Rich has found his musical home drumming for the Fault Line boys, playing great blues and having great fun performing all over northern California.


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